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    Update :Wednesday, 6-17-2009

    VietNamNet Bridge – “What will happen to you in the near future?” How suitable are you and your girlfriend/boyfriend?” “What is the name of your future husband/wife?” One can buy an answering SMS message with such great information for only 3000 to 15,000 dong ($0.16-$0.8).


    A message of prophecy about faithfulness.


    Ringtone producing “technology”

    Doing business on bodies of others


    While the conclusions of astrology and mysterious sciences are still controversial; while anybody who practices divination faces legal punishment for spreading superstition, mobile-added value service providers are publicly practicing divination in front of the nose of government agencies.


    Names and birthdays are enough


    Besides sexy pictures, copyright-infringed music and baseless prophecies, health advice based on nothing is also sold by content service providers. They also offer advice like “eight measures to make him fall down” and “seven steps to have a big bust”. The uncontrolled development of message services has reached an alarming level.

    With one message sent to the switchboard to tell them your birthday, you will receive a message back about the age of your future husband/wife. Telling them your name and the name of your girlfriend/boyfriend, they will tell you whether you will be angry at each other this week or not. Even your phone number can become data for @ diviners to calculate whether you will get rich in the future or not.


    According to an advertisement on a website of a content service provider, if you send your phone number to them, you will know whether your kiss makes others go into ecstasy or not. If you want to know whether your husband/wife is faithful or not, you only need send a message. If they know the colours you like, they can prophesise your future family. All this information is just 5000 dong.


    “I have been married for over 30 years and have several children but they told me that I’m searching for the true half of my life and he will appear at the year’s end. My daughter was said would die young because her phone number includes the number four,” said Mrs. Lien, a trader at Pham Van Hai market, HCM City.


    Where do the prophecies come from?


    Prophecies for a day, a week and a month are rampant on websites and in magazines for students and all of them come from foreign websites on astrology.


    To attract clients to their soothsaying services, these websites have daily horoscope pages, which have become the sources for Vietnamese content service providers. To have prophecies, providers of content services for mobile phone users visit these sites, translate the daily horoscopes to sell to Vietnamese customers.


    By googling, one can find millions of webpages providing free prophecies about personality, talents, future, and so on while people pay money to content service providers to get the same news.


    Some content service providers go further by providing prophecies through someone’s motorbike and car licence number, the number of their train or plane tickets.


    “That kind of divination is always true because in your life, you can avoid bad luck or get luck. If the prophecies are wrong, you can do nothing because the service is not named as soothsaying but entertainment or testing,” said Anh Tuan, a student from Phu Nhuan High-school, HCM City.


    Yet, there is one thing that is always true: each time you send a message to the switchboard, you have to pay money.



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